We’ve seen trash problems on land, rivers, beaches, and ocean,  we’ve heard thousands of complaints from different areas of the country about how terrible the smell of illegal dumping, its impact on health, tourism… you name it!  we’ve experienced fingers pointing between government, citizen, and private sector over mismanaged wastes. Cambodia ranks at 139/180 countries with a score of 33.6/100 of Environmental Performance Indicators 2020. River Ocean Cleanup (ROC) acknowledges the problems and embraces solutions through:

  • mobilizing national cleanup actions to eliminate legacy plastic wastes on land, rivers, and ocean.
  • closing the tap simultaneously, ROC provides education on basic household waste management and relevant laws to students at different grade and target communities. Collaborating with government at national and sub-national level to reinforce the implementation of laws. 
  • making eco-friendly products available, accessible, and affordable to replace and change plastic using habit among non-behavors.
  • build the Re-Use community to reduce waste and make use of existing plastics to its yields.
  • bringing in practical infrastructure to address the waste problems on land before it’s entering into rivers, and eventually the ocean.

Protecting our rivers and ocean is a constitutional obligation! So, you, friends, families, companies, NGO, UN agencies, donor community can get involved with ROC to Keep Cambodia Clean & Beautiful !