Historical cleanup Mission Cambodia

You know, we know that Mekong, Tonlé Sap and Bassac rivers are being polluted everyday by human activities. Only ACTIONs will improve the situation. River Ocean Cleanup (ROC) and everwave in collaboration with the National Committee for Clean City Assessment of Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Phnom Penh Municipality and all districts along the rivers jointly establish Historical River Cleanup Mission – starting Mekong, Tonlé Sap and Bassac Rivers within Phnom Penh administrative area. The mission aims at addressing rivers plastic pollution in Mekong, Tonlé Sap and Bassac Rivers and declaring the rivers are cleaned, free from pollutions by responsible citizens.

To keep rivers clean is very easy, people need to just keep their waste properly. To achieve that, citizen participation, waste management infrastructure, knowledge and law enforcement are the critical components and that is mission is all about.

Key activities you/your company can support

With the ability of collecting 20 tons of garbage per day by new German technology boat known as “Moringa by Landmaken” from our partner “everwave”, Mekong, Tonlé Sap and Bassac Rivers will be saved and safeguarded from the floating trash and debris which negatively interfere with the ecosystem.

200 meters river bound plastic will be removed by our hundreds of cleanup events in both big and small scale, participated by our volunteers (clean agents, villagers, students, companies and local authorities) to prevent the garbage from entering the rivers.

All collected waste from the rivers will be transported to our Zero-Waste Center and 100% become zero waste through upcycling, recycling and/or waste to energy for non-recycle waste.

As a long-term solution accompanied with the inspiration to close the loop, the mission focuses on providing the environmental education to villagers along the rivers and students to promote sustainable lifestyle.

Our mission provides the basic infrastructure to citizens along the rivers and low-infrastructure area as a tool for citizens to properly store to their waste and avoid from falling to the rivers as a source of life.

Workshops with national and subnational authorities will be conducted to identify challenge that hinder law enforcement and motivate authorities to enforce laws and support development of the law enforcement plan.


Jul 2021
ROC X everwave
First call ROC X everwave
First call everwave x ROC - Getting to know the organizations from both side, the vision and mission, the request for the garbage boats from ROC, the current waste situation in Mekong, Tonlé Sap and Bassac Rivers.

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Feb 2022
Collectix Garbage
CollectiX garbage boat
Eleven millions of tons of plastic pour into our oceans every year, harming nature and humans. To put it figuratively: Every minute, a truckload of plastic waste enters the oceans.

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March 2022
Launching event
Historical Cleanup Mission Cambodia
For the kick-off event of our first Cleanup Mission in Cambodia, the carpet rolled out with navy blue, a banquet, a dance show, and a visit from the mayor then we realized that mission would be unique and special.  

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May 2022
Zero Waste Center
Zero Waste Center
By building our own Zero Waste Center in Phnom Penh, ROC x everwave are further contributing towards our shared vision: to close the loop through bringing all materials we are collecting back in the cycle in the most sustainable way.

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May 2022
MOU Signed
MOU Signed with NCCA for our mission
River Ocean Cleanup and everwave had signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Tourism and the National Committee for Clean City Assessment to expand the scope of the Historical River Cleanup to country level.

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