Zero-waste Center

By building our own Zero Waste Center in Phnom Penh, ROC x everwave are further contributing towards our shared vision: to close the loop through bringing all materials we are collecting back in the cycle in the most sustainable way.

All materials we are collecting in the rivers and riverbanks (Mekong Tonle Sap and Bassac rivers) will be transported to our Zero Waste Center and will then be sorted respectively to its type and material. Our sorting team classifies each piece and sorts it into various recyclable and non-recyclable fractions. For the recyclable fractions, we are working closely together with local recyclers as well as international experts and partners. The non-recyclable fractions will be transported to our partner Chipmong Ecocycle

signed Contract with
Chipmong Insee

On May 2022, together with our partner Chip Mong Ecocycle, we found a state-of-the-art solution called “co-processing”. Besides industrial waste, Chipmong Ecocycle also focusses on post-consumer plastic waste With this, two processes are combined: waste recovery and cement production. In that process, the non-recyclables are used as an energy source to produce cement, following the so-called “waste-to-energy” path. With this, a part of the fossil resources are replaced by plastic waste. The big advantages of the co-processing is that less fossil materials are used and the waste is incinerated without residues We are continuously searching for new, sustainable, and innovative solutions for every waste stream and eager to find the best way of disposing the waste for us and the planet.